Custom-built wardrobes are great pieces of household furniture. It is only a matter of wisdom hence to get to learn more about them. To help you with learning more, we have researched, identified, and are going to provide answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the item.


Q1. How much it will cost to build a custom wardrobe?

A. Be prepared to part with $1,500 to $6,000 to do so. The exact cost nonetheless depends on the type of wood used for the job, the size of the wardrobe, and the details that the piece of furniture incorporates.

Q2. Can I build my own custom-built wardrobe?

A. WHY NOT? If you have the tools, materials, and expertise required, you can as well go ahead and build your own custom-built wardrobe.

Q3. What is the difference between fitted and custom-built wardrobes?

A. Fitted is a kind of wardrobe that is part and parcel of the home at the time of its construction. A custom-built on the other hand is retrofitted i.e. fixed into the home later on after it is fully constructed.

Q4. How much room do you need for a walk-in wardrobe?

A. A typical standard full-size walk-in wardrobe ought to measure no less than 7 feet by 10 feet. Further to this, its internal area should be no less than 100 square feet.

Q5. Which wood is best for wardrobes?

A. The medium particle fiberboard, it is! This kind of wood is stronger, more stable, and firm enough to accrue the strength and reliability you need to have a great wardrobe. Its exterior is also smooth and shiny enough to confer some aesthetics to you.


Needless to say, the questions we have asked and answered above are not all that may be asked about the subject matter. There indeed are numerous others that we inevitably had to leave out due to limited space. That notwithstanding, we do hope that the answers we have provided above have been eye-opening.